Lifestyles For Retirement – The Cruising Life

Lifestyles For Retirement – The Cruising Life

For those of us that l.o.v.e. boating we have all fantasized about living on our boat and never having to go back to shore. We dream about the day when we can just cruise off into the sunset and live out our retirement years with our spouse exploring the coasts of the world. The fantasy usually includes freedom, no money problems and true love with our partners as we live the perfect life free of stress.

The reality is that most couples are not prepared for the amount of time that cruising requires them to be together and of living every minute of the day with their husband or wife. In our real life we have buffers in our relationships like work, friends and shopping. The cruising off into the future has very little buffering and the real live aboard life means spending most hours of the day with our spouse.

The reality of the cruising life is that we must act as a team, spend many hours together, navigate to our destinations in unknown territory together and battle foul weather and storms together sometimes for hours on end. Sometimes the stress is actually life threatening if it gets out of hand and we make dangerous moves in the middle of a situation. Only boating people know what crazy situations can occur!

I am not saying that you must give up your dreams of cruising into retirement but there are things to consider:

1. Each of you must have an area of the vessel that is your own space and be involved in choosing the vessel for each persons’ needs
2. One person is the Captain and the other person the first mate – There has to be one person willing to make the final decision and take responsibility – usually the husband
3. Remember that each person has their strengths and talents – use them to full effect
4. Mutual respect is essential
5. Arguments should be only about the most important issues – pick your fights carefully

These are only a few things to think about when preparing for your cruising lifestyle in retirement. It is truly the greatest way to live if you l.o.v.e. boating.

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