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Programs have become an integral part of modern life. Everything from cash transactions to home appliances is here. But the app market is evolving like any other market. The emergence of decentralized applications or dApps has ushered in a new era in how we perceive software on our devices. As a result, the dApps hosting infrastructure becomes a hot spot for developers to argue.

There are already 2551 dApps in the market, created and used by 95,966 users every day. Transactions with DApps are more than 4,418,078 markers per day and 11,741 smart contracts are involved in the process. First, the dApps market is already earning $ 21,512,096 per day and is showing no signs of stopping despite the recent decline in cryptocurrency prices.

Increasing competition in the decentralized infrastructure market is largely driven by the introduction of new technical protocols, their unique technical advantages that simplify the development of dApps, and the implementation of ideas and concepts that could not be implemented by Ethereum, Tron or EOS. . The lack of the necessary technology to deny blockchain errors such as network failures, low bandwidth, low transaction time, etc. is a major obstacle to the increasingly popular and widely accepted dApps logic. An alternative to classic applications.


In addition to the very popular Ethereum, Tron and EOS networks, there is another infrastructure that is becoming a viable alternative. The credit platform is one of those competitors in the industry that offers a new solution for dApps development.

The credit blockchain platform is a fully open and fully decentralized blockchain software protocol that works with smart contracts for high end software development.

Smart credit agreements are written in JAVA, one of the most popular programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to most programmers in the world, and are easily customizable to meet a variety of needs. Apache Thrift technology is used as a platform to simplify the integration process with products developed in different programming languages.

It works

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Loans are not only a platform, but a full-fledged company that has openly opened the software to all its customers. Applicants can network, set up an operations center, and build their products and services based on a credit protocol. To date, the Credit Protocol has developed more than 20 decentralized programs. The full list is available on the dApp credit card.

Projects like 0XUniverse gaming dApps, Unlimited Tower, ExoPlanets, Royale Roulette, as well as Karma, Rere Bits and WandX projects currently running on the Ethereum, Tron and EOS protocols are considering moving their programs. Credit protocol for better performance.

Among the more interesting credit-based products is Crext Extension, an analogue of Metamask that acts as a browser extension to store cryptocurrencies and other markers and interact with credit-based products. Another dApp is CScheduler, a credit-based blockchain service that provides the ability to schedule smart contracts at a specified time or time. Among the popular dApps credit platforms is Dice, which is a dice based gambling game based on a random number under the supervision of a generator.

Competition is progress

Not to be outdone, IT is the most advanced industry in the world with hundreds of billions of dollars a year in applications and other products. The blockchain industry is collapsing in terms of capitalization as key players move to provide the infrastructure for its growth. However, the main market trends remain intact and are gradually leading to more advanced and modern solutions.

The innovative nature of the credit platform is already evolving and its protocol has attracted many IT industry developers and giants such as Lenovo and IBM. But the project team does not mean stopping at what has already been achieved and planning to build a $ 2,000,000 themed hackathon and accelerator program to support product development and demonstrate platform capabilities.

If all goes as planned, you will soon see a large number of credit-based products on the market to help develop the project infrastructure and its toxicity. No matter the future events